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How to Load Ethereum into your MetaMask Wallet (India edition)


Create an Account on WazirX: Create an account on WazirX (referral link) Verify your email, phone number & complete your KYC on WazirX. Transfer money from your Bank account via Net Banking or UPI. For Net Banking your Bank Account will need to get whitelisted before you can do it. Create an Account on Binance: Create an account on Binance (referral link). Verify your email, phone number...

COVID-19 Home Quarantine – Survival Guide


Things you will need: Get 20L Water Can + Dispenser (Bisleri or call your local vendor) Electric Kettle Tissue Papers & Toilet Rolls Liquid Sanitiser (Pump Bottle) Surface Disinfectant Spray Large Garbage Bags & Thread (to tie while disposing of) Garbage & Waste Disposal: Buy disposable plates, cups, bowls & spoons. Buy large & medium-sized garbage disposal bags (preferable...

How to Remember the Books you Read?


In the modern world, knowledge is CURRENCY. More books are published every day than it used to in a whole year just a few decades ago. We are facing decision fatigue on which books do we read & not. We encounter tons of content 24/7 with access to the internet on our palms. It has become necessary to remember the books you read & consume. Being lazy & having a slow reading pace, I...

A mentor is not a babysitter – she is a lifeline!


From the day we are born, we rely on parents or others for guidance or help to learn very basic things like walking, talking, making hand gestures, etc. As we grow up we become more and more dependent on others to acquire skills to survive in this competitive world. Once we reach late teens, we start looking out for those who have succeeded in their lives against all odds and set an example for...

Meeting myself all over again


Self-awareness (myself) is hard hard work. In this fast-paced life, it is easy to forget things you believed in and why are you doing this for. Letting the words flow out of your brain unedited is the only way you can figure out the part of yourself, you have been censoring to cope with everyday life. Unhappiness, discontentment, and disappointment come from forgetting why we are doing something...

In it, to WIN it! 🏆🎖🏅

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